Learning Resources

UAB/EM was originally created in 2009 by Dr. Jim Galbraith and Dr. James (Stu) Booth. Since that time, it has grown to become a central online hub for the UAB Emergency Medicine Residency Program.

UAB/EM was a project developed to enhance the teaching of residents and medical students in the emergency department. The website is 100% developed and maintained by residents and faculty. It has been showcased at conferences including the 2011 SAEM National Conference in Boston, the 2011 CORD Academic Assembly in San Diego, and the 2013 Huntsville Scholars Institute.

The majority of the UAB/EM content is restricted to authorized personnel associated with the emergency department such as faculty, residents, and students.

Below, you can view a selected list of some features now offered by the website.

Rounds Feed
A community wall for posting interesting cases, announcements, and insightful pearls to prompt discussion and feedback.


Mobile App
Exclusive app developed locally for residents and faculty to quickly access schedules, contacts and event calendars.


Tips for Rotations
Resident-moderated and maintained forum for exchanging helpful tidbits about off-service rotations.


High-yield Image Galleries
Collections of xrays, CTs, and rashes that are commonly tested on inservice exams, viewable in Flickr-like slideshows.


Core Curriculum
Exclusive 10-part online video series designed to teach students and off-service rotators key pathology in the ED.
Asynchronous Learning
Exclusive streaming video lectures created by our faculty designed for learning at home or while mobile. 


Quick access to the shift schedules for residents and students in the department, plus the ability to sync with your iOS devices.


Weekly didactic lectures are recorded for review and put in a RSS feed for syncing with iTunes.


Important information on local places to moonlight, including details about the application processes and travel distances.


Highs & Lows
A fun online billboard where residents and faculty share and compare crazy abnormal lab values.